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Our Vision + Values

Changing the Game of Cancer

We are a collection of people committed to building a different future for people with cancer.   


To Change How The Game of Cancer is Played.  

This platform, built by patients for patients, will do that by:


- Helping patients explore all options to build an individualized holistic healing strategy


- Providing best practices, wisdom, and benchmarking around the patient journey


- Creating an open forum for discussion on what heals between doctors, practitioners, care givers, and patients


- Allowing patients to identify what doctors and healthcare professionals will collaborate and support a holistic approach to healing


...and ultimately identifying what helps patients have the most enjoyable cancer journey possible.  


Patient Values

Let Data, Not Fear Drive Decisions - Both leading and lagging indicator data tell your story.  By using data to drive your treatment decisions, you can control your journey, improve your outcomes and reduce the risk of recurrence.   


Pay it Forward - By sharing your data with MOJO, you can help create an environment for ever flowing data and research to be the foundation for future patients to improve their outcomes.


Teamwork makes the Dream Work - Select the right team based on your strategy and hold them accountable for their role in creating health. 


Maximize Joy - Ground yourself in gratitude and feed your soul with JOY every day. 


Minimize Risk - Weigh benefits and risks, using data as your guide, and be ready to pivot as necessary to ensure positive outcomes.  


Be Worth Knowing - Use your strengths and make your story worth repeating.


Trust but Be Skeptical - Be data driven so that you can challenge standards of care and assumptions when necessary.

Celebrate the Small Wins - Complicated health issues like cancer are often a nonlinear journey - Celebrate the big AND small wins along the path!  


Organization Values

Power to the People - The MOJO Health movement's purpose is to develop a holistic data source by the people, for the people to inform future care strategies. 


Patient and Process Obsession - We are obsessed with making it as easy and intuitive as possible for each patient and caregiver to gather data, build a holistic strategy, create alchemy in their body, contribute to the network, and live in gratitude and joy. 


Cooperate and Contribute - Our approach works only if we all work together for the greater good.


Be Trustworthy and Have the Highest Integrity - Our mission is to change the world, but that only happens with complete authenticity and integrity. 


Be Willing to Challenge the Status Quo and Enter the Unknown - As Martin Luther King, Jr., said "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase".  We empower patients to take those steps confidently.   


Fail Fast and Pivot We help patients develop a clear measurement strategy to gauge success and provide both tools and support to help them move quickly when data suggests they should.  This includes helping them develop the courage to try new things, to challenge the status quo and to advocate for themselves.  


Allow People to be the Very Best Versions of Themselves -  We promote self-development, connected to the vision and mission.  This means building an organization with as little hierarchy as possible, holding people accountable, and celebrating teamwork!

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