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The MOJO Story

In June 2022, Julie Stevens faced a life-altering moment when, at the age of 43, she received an unforeseen colon cancer diagnosis. Remarkably, Julie had no family history, exhibited no symptoms, and was even younger than the recommended screening age of 45. With a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis, she was given a 14% chance of survival.  Undeterred by these odds, Julie took charge of her health, using her strengths to give her every advantage. 


Recognizing the significance of a holistic approach to her cancer journey, Julie joined forces with Oscar Sierra, an esteemed cancer specialist, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Registered Herbalist. With Oscar's expert guidance, Julie crafted a multifaceted strategy including using genomic data to predict treatment success, monitoring treatment efficacy through blood biomarkers, preparing her body to reduce the likelihood of side effects, and crafting a proactive lifestyle, environmental, and nutrition plan.


 Julie applied five life-saving tips (as seen below) with unwavering determination.


The result?

An incredible transition from diagnosis to being cancer-free in an astonishing nine months.


Our unwavering mission at MOJO Health is to extend the same empowering advantages that propelled Julie’s success to health to every single newly diagnosed cancer patient. We believe in equipping everyone with the tools, insights, and support they need for a resilient and successful path to life-long wellness.

For more information on Julie's personal story, please visit her webpage,  Prescription MOJO.

MOJO Health is designed to give people the power to have the most successful and enjoyable cancer experience possible. Through Julie's experience pivoting from a devastating diagnosis (stage 4 aggressive, chemo resistant, inoperable colon cancer) to NED (no evidence of disease) in 9 months, we identified five game changing (and ultimately life saving) points we want to share to achieve our mission of empowering you, the patient, to be in control of your journey and change how cancer is healed:


To most effectively treat cancer long term, you need to heal the host (you) in addition to treating the cancer.  Most current cancer protocols only focus on treatment of the disease and do not focus on healing.


It is critical to advocate for yourself and build your strategy and care team to heal. You have access to  6 toolboxes to build your strategy and no single doctor has been educated across all 6,
so it is up to you to build, educate, and execute a holistic approach.  


You can prepare your body for cancer treatments to maximize the opportunity for success of the treatment, avoid many side effects, and increase the probability you will react well. Best if you begin 2-3 weeks before treatment and continue throughout. 


Most doctors rely on lagging indicator data (PET/CT Scans) to measure cancer activity. For many cancers, you can track blood biomarkers
as leading indicators to identify treatment effectiveness between infusions so you can pivot quickly and move to an alternate plan if necessary.  


Choosing to live in joy while healing from cancer, rather than coming from a place of fear, has the potential to greatly improve your experience. Creating more joy cultivates an optimal space for you to heal.

We are working to change the way cancer is healed and we need your help! 
Please join the MOJO Movement to stay in touch with us as we expand resources
and begin to build a community! 

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