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Be Your Own Champion

You are in charge of your journey!
Learn to build a team, your role in healing, and how to advocate for yourself.

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We are here to give you
an advantage on your healing journey
(and make cancer suck as little as possible).

Watch the video to hear words of advice for people newly diagnosed with cancer.

The job of being a patient has radically changed, but many of us don't realize how. 

Being a patient isn't a job we applied for or want, but healing is one of the most important jobs of your life. 

This job description was built by our founder, Julie Stevens, to help you understand how you can be the CEO of your healing journey:  

Patient Job Description

1) Be a Data G and gather all the data you can.

2) Build the care team and strategy of your dreams.

3) Create the right environment to heal your body.

4) Be prepared.

5) Create a support network.

6) Identify checkpoints and rewards throughout the process.

7) Be your own advocate and hold your team accountable.

8) Manage the team and ensure communication between all parties.

9) Track leading indicator data.

10) Keep going and Maximize Joy.

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