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MOJO Health exists to educate and empower people to create a holistic strategy and enhance the way they heal.

The highest quality supplements, sourced with integrity + care.



Discover healing options to outmaneuver side effects and symptoms in just minutes.

MOJO Healing

How to Build a Holistic Healing Strategy & Maximize Joy

Our founder, Julie Stevens, survived stage 4, aggressive, chemo-resistant, inoperable colon cancer in nine months by using data to guide her holistic healing strategy.  Her new book, MOJO Healing, is a workbook designed to give you every advantage she had on her healing journey.

MOJO Rising YouTube Podcast Cover.png

MOJO Rising: How to Make Cancer Suck Less is now available on all streaming platforms!  This podcast is designed to shine the light on all factors influencing your healing journey - from holisitic healing methodologies to financial wellness after diagnosis.  Please email if you have topic ideas for a future podcast!

Our Holistic Approach


About Us

We are a collection of people committed to building a brighter future for people with cancer.

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