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A new approach to cancer that empowers you to heal, not just treat the disease.


MOJO Health is built by patients for patients to help educate, empower, and bring more joy to your cancer journey.

Ready to change the game of cancer and play to win?

How you use data can be the difference between life and death.  Being a "Data G" gives you the advantage.  Click below to learn more.

MOJO Healing

How to Build a Holistic Healing Strategy & Maximize Joy

Our founder, Julie Stevens, survived stage 4, aggressive, chemo-resistant, inoperable colon cancer in nine months by using data to guide her holistic healing strategy.  Her new book, MOJO Healing, is a workbook designed to give you every advantage she had on her healing journey.

MOJO Rising YouTube Podcast Cover.png

MOJO Rising: How to Make Cancer Suck Less is now available on all streaming platforms!  This podcast is designed to shine the light on all factors influencing your healing journey - from holisitic healing methodologies to financial wellness after diagnosis.  Please email if you have topic ideas for a future podcast!

Our Holistic Approach


About Us

We are a collection of people committed to building a different future for cancer patients.

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