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Be a Data G

Knowledge is power!
Learn how to be a data gatherer and use your health data to maximize your advantage.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Gather data like a boss.

What is a Data G?

It's another way to say Data Gatherer, but...dang, it feels good to be a Data Gangster

A Data G is someone who proactively harvests data and identifies trends so they can build and pivot their strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes.

-Julie Stevens, MOJO Healing

Why should you be a Data G?

Because our founder Julie's story proves that you can use different data points to predict cancer treatment success.  Which means, she did not have to endure chemo for fun.

Are you an auditory learner?  If so, our podcast below will drop the same knowledge bomb as this page! 

We just want to empower you to be a Data G!
Julie Stevens

How to Be a Data G

It is important to start gathering data on the health of your body and the health of your cancer so you can have the best possible outcomes (aka live your best life) and make cancer suck as little as possible!

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In what other ways are you a Data G?  We want to hear what's worked for you in your journey!  MOJO Health is built by patients, for patients and your voice is valuable.

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