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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to drop some knowledge bombs on your audience? 

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Julie Stevens

Founder, MOJO Health

  • Thriving Through a Cancer Diagnosis

  • Championing Your Journey

  • How to Be a Data G

  • Using Energy for Good 

  • Building a Holistic Healing Team 

  • Living in Joy vs. Fear and its Outcomes

  • Leading vs. Lagging Indicators 


Oscar Sierra, L.Ac.

Chief Health Officer, MOJO Health

  • Prevention & Treatment of Side Effects, Including Neuropathy, in Cancer

  • Targeting Tumor Genomics via Natural Medicine 

  • Targeting Tumor Microenvironment 

  • Herbal Medicine in Oral /Dental Systemic Care 

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis 

  • Implementation of Safe & Energetically Appropriate Adaptogens in Daily Life & Clinical Formulations 

  • Diagnostics & Treatment of Chronic Fungal Infections & Related Mold & Mycotoxin Exposure Illness 

  • Leaky Gut Protocols 

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