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Be a Data G

Measure the health of your body.

Our goal isn’t to kill cancer. 

Our goal is to crush cancer while healing your body, so you can live a long and healthy life where cancer isn't even on your radar.

Why should you gather data on the health of your body?

The harsh truth is that there is a reason your body started making cancer. It probably has to do with something in your environment, stress, diet, or other health issues.

Healing your body helps you prevent a risk of recurrence.

This is your time to take a deep breath and assess all areas of your health and really heal from the inside out.   

Ever wonder what healing possibilities would open up if you had all the money in the world?  

People with resources utilize  holistic or integrative doctors who don't have to be restricted by what insurance will pay for.  They look at many more data points and use healing practices from around the world (far more exhaustive than our current standard of care).
The MOJO Baseline Functional Blood Panel puts that power in your hands, by helping you and your healthcare team create a clearer picture of your health.  Below, you can click to download our list of the additional blood tests an integrative doctor would utilize.

All of this can be paid for by insurance if ordered by your conventional (aka western) doctor, you just have to advocate for yourself and ask for it....and have a doctor willing to work with you and collaborate to find the healing strategy that fits you. 

Alternately, you can
order your MOJO Baseline Functional Blood Panel on your own using our connection with Direct Labs. 

Side Note: One of the most common reasons a doctor says no to running these diagnostics is because they don't know how to interpret the results, so we are working on resources to help your doctor understand all of these tests - because, we're all in this together.

Not sure how to start this conversation with your oncologist?  Download our editable Doctor Letter, which you can use to advocate for your needs and start the conversation with your care providers about how you want to play the game of cancer and win.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is done to understand if you have an increased probability of getting cancer, but also can indicate how effective or toxic certain medicines or plants will be.  

MOJO believes More Data... More Better. 

Get the Data.

But what you do with that data is the bigger question.

This podcast helps you to understand how
you can use this data to fuel your journey, not your fear.


Interested in learning about gathering data on the health of your cancer?  Click here.

In what other ways are you a Data G?  We want to hear what's worked for you in your journey!  MOJO Health is built by patients, for patients and your voice is valuable.

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Need help looking at your data?

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