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Welcome to the MOJO Health Strategy Builder

This free, interactive tool identifies ways you can make your body stronger, whether you have a diagnosis or are just trying to prioritize your health.


Our Strategy Builder allows users to either select a cancer treatment -or- if you don't have cancer, you can choose any side effect from a drop-down box and it provides healing options under three categories: supplements, diet and lifestyle, and facilitated healers that may be helpful to include in your healthcare strategy.


We present these options to assist you in deciding what to include in your personal healing plan and to complement modern medicine as part of a holistic healthcare strategy.

At the end of this experience, you will be invited to create a health registry to share with your care community so they know how they can best support your healing objectives.

Please watch this video from our founder, Julie Stevens, for an introduction to the Strategy Builder. Then, scroll down to read and click "I Agree" to use the Strategy Builder.

Want to understand the story and strategy behind the creation of this tool?
Please read MOJO Healing!

Still want more? Check out our Podcast. 

Please read and agree below to begin using the Strategy Builder:

What the MOJO Strategy Builder is NOT. The MOJO Strategy Builder is NOT a plan or protocol designed to treat cancer. The intent of the MOJO Strategy Builder is to provide a list of possible holistic strategies and/or nutrition or lifestyle recommendations to be used in combination with your doctor’s recommendations which are based directly upon the findings of scientific studies and research articles which can be easily accessed through Pubmed and many other resources. The purpose of the MOJO Strategy Builder listing possible  holistic strategies and/or nutritional protocols or lifestyle recommendations, is to improve the user’s knowledge, so they can then use it to make educated decisions  to improve their overall health and well-being, not to directly treat their cancer cells. The purpose of the MOJO Strategy Builder’s possible holistic strategies and/or nutritional protocols or lifestyle recommendations is not to help the users of the MOJO Strategy Builder to design their own treatment plan to treat their cancer cells, it is to design their own complementary care approach to be used in addition to conventional cancer treatment. Only a fully licensed medical doctor specializing in oncology should create an effective cancer treatment plan. However, that being said, if one improves their overall health and well-being, then that will help the human body’s ability to fight cancer. Thus, the MOJO Strategy builder is designed to help people who  have cancer to educate themselves so they can improve their overall health and wellness. The MOJO Strategy Builder should NOT be used to replace or supplant the advice of your medical doctor and/or your oncologist. 

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