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Reveal the Root Causes

Dig a little deeper!

Learn to optimize core health, why disease could be expressed, and ways to heal from the inside out.

While being diagnosed with cancer may be one of the most difficult things you experience, it also presents an opportunity to step back and assess your overall health.  We encourage you to really analyze the sources of dis-ease in your life - whether that is in your diet, how much rest you are getting, how much movement or exercise you are incorporating, or what you are surrounding yourself with in your environment.

To begin to understand diet/lifestyle choices and facilitated healers which can help you address the root causes, check out our free tool, the MOJO Health Strategy Builder.
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Interested in learning about MOJO Health’s
Baseline Functional Blood Panel?

The MOJO Health Baseline Functional Blood Panel can help you and your healthcare team create a clearer picture of your health. 

All of this can be paid for by insurance if ordered by your conventional (aka western) doctor, you just have to advocate for yourself and ask for it....and have a doctor willing to work with you and collaborate to find the healing strategy that fits you. 

Side Note: One of the most common reasons a doctor says no to running these diagnostics is because they don't know how to interpret the results, so we are working on resources to help your doctor understand all of these tests - because, we're all in this together.

Want to dig a little deeper in the well?  Head over to our Be a Data G page and prepare for knowledge bombs like no other!

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