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How to Make Cancer Suck Less Podcast

MOJO Rising: How to Make Cancer Suck Less is our  podcast designed to help educate and empower patients and caregivers to have MOre JOy on their journey.

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Imagine being told you have stage four cancer and then transforming that daunting diagnosis into a journey of empowerment and self-discovery. That's exactly what my soul sister and fellow cancer thriver, Jennie Smith, and I did, and in this episode of MOJO Rising, we share every step of that journey with you. You’ll learn how we redefined our relationships with doctors, viewing them as crucial team members rather than all-knowing authorities, and how self-investment, particularly through exercise, has been a cornerstone of our transformation.


We also dive deep into the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies a cancer diagnosis. Before you can take action, it's essential to process your emotions and become your own advocate. Jennie and I discuss the importance of thorough research, talking to survivors, and understanding that every cancer case is unique. By blending personal experiences with clinical data, we uncover a balanced approach to treatment that combines the best of both worlds.


Lastly, we share our global perspectives on cancer treatment, shedding light on different methodologies from around the world and the importance of being proactive and informed. From alternative therapies like high-dose Intravenous (IV) vitamin C to the critical role of building a diverse medical team, we discuss it all. This episode is packed with practical advice, heartwarming personal stories, and strategies for navigating the complexities of cancer treatment while maintaining a positive and empowered mindset. Tune in to discover how you can take control of your healing journey and live your best life despite a cancer diagnosis.

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Imagine discovering a hidden factor influencing your health, one that's pervasive in our modern lifestyles yet often goes unnoticed. On the MOJO Rising podcast, Julie and a panel of experts delve into the unseen dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their impact on our well-being. Oscar Sierra, Joanette Biebesheimer, and Dr. Russell Kort join her in unearthing practical strategies to mitigate the toll of our digital environment on the body, from the cellular impact to brain function. We'll guide you through creating safer living spaces and optimizing your health against the invisible stressors of our tech-driven world.

Hidden Health Impact of EMFs - DoctorEMF™ shares insights and strategies for Digital Wellness™

This episode of MOJO Rising is your sanctuary for rethinking the tumult and stigma that can cloud your judgment following such life-altering news. We provide an illuminating conversation that arms you with clarity and strategy, urging you to pause and reflect on your unique medical journey. By understanding the nuances between the need for immediate action and the value of deliberate decision-making, you'll find empowerment in a landscape often marked by haste and confusion.

Episode 28

Cancer Urgency: When to Act and When to Wait w/ Dr. Chad Levitt and Oscar Sierra

Discover the keys to a robust health journey with Dr. Russell Jaffe, a pioneer in integrative medicine, who joins us to share his expertise on harmonizing traditional and modern healing practices. This episode is packed with life-altering wisdom, from the ELISA/ACT LRA test that has revolutionized our understanding of the immune system, to Dr. Jaffe's personal health battles that illuminate the power of a holistic lifestyle. His insights on the critical role of essential nutrients, restful sleep, and a tranquil environment will inspire you to reassess and optimize your approach to wellness.

Episode 26

From Breast Cancer Survivor to Joyful Businesswoman w/ Nicole Tanner, Founder, Swig

Discover the healing power of integrative medicine as Terry Apt, a seasoned oncology nurse practitioner and doctor of naturopathy, graces our podcast with her revolutionary perspective. Terri, having spent years in the trenches of traditional cancer treatment, shares an inspiring shift towards a holistic methodology that intertwines the best of both worlds. Our conversation is packed with insights on how complementary therapies, like medicinal herbs and aromatherapy, can significantly bolster not just the physical well-being of cancer patients, but also empower them to reclaim their agency during their healing journey.  

Episode 24

Aromatherapy w/ Terry J. Apt, Coach, Living Well with Cancer

Ever wondered how to tap into an energy source that fuels creativity, joy, and healing, even in the face of life's toughest challenges? Julie sits down with Oscar Sierra on this week’s episode to explore the concept of 'finding your flow', a discussion promising insights that may very well transform your approach to health and life. We'll unravel the mysteries of flow states - how they transcend ordinary function and glow with a spiritual radiance - while drawing upon the wisdom of Chinese medicine to understand the liver's pivotal role in this vivifying experience.

Unlocking the Power of Flow w/ Julie Stevens and Oscar Sierra, L.Ac.

When life threw a curveball in the shape of breast cancer, Jennie Smith caught it with both hands and reshaped it into a beacon of hope. As a two-time cancer thriver, most recently from recurrent triple negative breast cancer, she joins Julie to share the intimate details of her fight, her resilience in facing misdiagnosis, and the power of joy even in the darkest hours. This episode traverses the landscape of cancer treatment options, the power of nutrition, and the role of emotional well-being. Julie and Jennie get real about the challenges within healthcare, and the potential of integrative therapies that honor both the wisdom of conventional treatments and the healing touch of natural remedies.

How to Be Your Own Champion w/ Jennie Smith, Breast Cancer Thriver

This episode weaves the tale of how personal resilience and sophisticated data tracking intertwine, leading to a pioneering strategy builder that promises a newfound harmony between age-old wisdom and modern medical science. We're not just talking about surviving cancer; we're talking about thriving in spite of it.
As we unravel the intricate tapestry of integrative medicine, you'll discover how the fusion of Chinese medicine diagnostics with cutting-edge functional medicine tests can create a personalized battle plan against cancer.  Prepare to be enlightened about the power of proactive health management, the significance of self-care, and the innovative strategies that could redefine your journey through cancer treatment. 

The Strategy Builder w/ Julie Stevens and

Oscar Sierra, L.Ac.

In this episode, Julie ( conducts an insightful interview with Dr. Chad Levitt, an oncologist distinguished by his remarkable background in existential philosophy. As they navigate the intricacies of cancer care, the conversation delves into the evolving healthcare system, highlighting the importance of maintaining a deeply humanistic approach to patient interactions. The critical aspects of clear communication and the weighty significance of the patient-doctor connection are addressed, unveiling strategies to enrich this dynamic for the best possible outcomes.

Patient-Centric Healthcare w/ Dr. Chad Levitt, Oncology Expert, ONCare Specialty Consultants

In this enlightening conversation, Julie, is joined by the incredible Oscar Sierra, Chief Health Officer of MOJO Health and the person responsible for guiding Julie through her cancer journey. The episode delves into the crucial role of supplements in healing the whole body, addressing the core reasons behind cancer expression, and preparing for conventional treatment. Oscar emphasizes the significance of understanding the foundational aspects of why supplements are essential.

Supplements Matter w/ Julie Stevens and

Oscar Sierra, L.Ac.

In this episode, Julie delves into the profound topic of environmental health with a focus on why our surroundings matter for our overall well-being. Joined by special guest Katie Tarr, a retired pediatric physical therapist turned Norwex consultant, the episode unfolds to reveal the layers beyond cellular health that contribute to our overall health. Katie shares her personal journey, stemming from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis, and discusses her shift to a toxin-free lifestyle to improve her well-being. 

Redefining Health and Wellness in a Toxic World, w/ Katie Tarr, Low-Tox Living Advocate

In this week's episode, Julie (⁠) explores the vital topic of preparing for the worst to truly live your best. Joined by Rachel Donnelly (⁠), a death consultant, they discuss the importance of facing mortality with better preparation. Rachel shares her journey and insights into legacy planning, organization, and after-loss consulting. The episode tackles common misconceptions about planning for the end and emphasizes the joy that comes from being well-prepared. 

Planning for the Worst, so You Can Live the Best w/ Rachel Donnelly, Founder & CEO, AfterLight

Julie Stevens and Oscar Sierra delve into the transformative power of genomic testing for cancer patients. They emphasize the importance of genomic testing in measuring incremental data to understand treatment efficacy and tailor interventions. Tune in to learn how data-driven strategies can improve cancer care as they advocate for changing the goals of cancer treatment to focus on long-term quality of life and survival.

How Genomic Testing Can Transform Your Cancer Journey w/ Julie Stevens and Oscar Sierra, L.Ac.

Hear a story of how data can change your life and discuss what it actually means to have a BRCA mutation, how you can reduce the risk of cancer without the need for surgery/pharmaceuticals, and a common sense approach to genetic expression.
Ever since Angelina Jolie famously had a preventative mastectomy after finding out she had the BRCA1 mutation, people have been encouraged to get genetic testing to identify if they have an additional risk of cancer. This sounds like something MOJO Health would encourage, but the “so what” is pointed back towards conventional medicine instead of prevention and doesn’t factor in that conventional medicine brings significant impact to your overall physical and mental health and overall life satisfaction.

Data Dilemma: Lessons in Gene Expression w/ Katy Mathes, Oscar Sierra, and Dr. Reddy

Julie Stevens ( and Oscar Sierra discuss the importance of being a "Data G," a data gatherer/gangster, in managing cancer. Julie shares her personal experience of how being proactive about annual health checkups and gathering various data points allowed her to detect and monitor her cancer effectively. Tune in to learn how you can advocate for more thorough and personalized data assessment for improved outcomes.
In this episode, Julie and Oscar discuss:
1. No Symptoms, No Warning: Julie’s Cancer Journey
2. Balancing Act: Monitoring Cancer Without Harm
3. How Data Saved Julie’s Life During Cancer
4. Balancing Diagnostics and Safety in Cancer Care
5. The Multifaceted Diagnosis: Why Cancer Markers Alone Aren't Enough

A Data G's Guide to Beating Cancer

Julie Stevens & Oscar Sierra

Julie Stevens ( and Oscar Sierra share strategies for preparing the body for cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy. They emphasize the importance of boosting the body's vitality before undergoing conventional cancer treatments to reduce the severity of side effects. Tune in to find out which specific supplements Oscar recommends, and why they work.
In this episode, Julie and Oscar discuss: 
1. The Role of Holistic Health in Cancer Preparation
2. Empowering Patients in Radiation and Chemo Care
3. Preparing Your Body for the Chemo Battle
4. The Importance of Magnesium Levels in Chemotherapy
5. Thriving Through Cancer Treatment

Preparing Your Body for Cancer Treatment

Julie Stevens & Oscar Sierra

When you're standing at the crossroads of hope and despair, holding the hand of a loved one battling cancer, what can you offer that truly makes a difference? In this week’s episode of MOJO Rising, we lay bare the heart of this journey, providing you with a road map of support, laughter, and the unspoken gifts that heal. Our conversation traverses the landscape of practical advice and genuine companionship, illuminating the paths of support that lead to a place of strength and solace not just for patients, but caregivers too. Navigating the terrain of cancer is a multifaceted challenge, and we unpack the suitcase of aid that goes beyond the typical floral arrangements.

How to Meaningfully Gift w/Jennie Smith, Breast Cancer Thriver

This week on MOJO Rising, Julie sits down with Dr. Ignatios Papas, who opens his heart about his confrontation with testicular cancer — a battle he entered outside of the common age bracket. Dr. Pappas walks us through his diagnosis and treatment journey, blending the worlds of modern medicine and traditional healing, and the critical lessons on the importance of early detection through self-examinations that he learned along the way. Cancer doesn't just challenge the body; it tests the mind and spirit. Our in-depth conversation delves into the psychological turmoil following a cancer diagnosis and the numerous factors that may heighten our risk for the disease. 

Episode 27

Triumph Over Testicular Cancer w/Ignatios Papas, Physician, New Regeneration Orthopedics

Discover the keys to a robust health journey with Dr. Russell Jaffe, a pioneer in integrative medicine, who joins us to share his expertise on harmonizing traditional and modern healing practices. This episode is packed with life-altering wisdom, from the ELISA/ACT LRA test that has revolutionized our understanding of the immune system, to Dr. Jaffe's personal health battles that illuminate the power of a holistic lifestyle. His insights on the critical role of essential nutrients, restful sleep, and a tranquil environment will inspire you to reassess and optimize your approach to wellness.

Episode 25

 Inflammation w/ Dr. Russell Jaffe, CEO and Chairman, PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC

Tune in to this week’s episode to discover the strides made in cancer treatment as we unravel the role of radiation therapy with the guidance of Dr. Chad Levitt, Joanette Biebesheimer, a biochemist and cancer thriver, and Dr. Kedar Prasad, a pioneer in micronutrient research. Their collective wisdom paints a vivid picture of the journey from whole-body radiation to the precision of targeted treatments. Together, we traverse the evolving landscape of oncology, shedding light on how targeted therapies are revolutionizing patient care.

Radiation Pro Tips w/ Dr. Chad Levitt, Joanette Biebesheimer, and Dr. Kedar Prasad

When Peter Brothed, a beacon of knowledge in the world of nutrition and herbalism, crosses your path, you know you're in for an extraordinary conversation. His tale of resilience as a cancer survivor and the wisdom he's distilled from his roles as a health food store owner, certified nutritionist and herbalist, are nothing short of inspiring. In our latest podcast episode, we unpack the symbiotic relationship between cancer and natural remedies, and Peter's invaluable insights underscore just how powerful the right food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments can be for those navigating the complexities of this illness.

Harnessing Nature's Pharmacy in the Fight Against Cancer, w/ Peter Brodhead

This week on MOJO Rising, we're not just talking about survival; we're talking about thriving in the wake of adversity. As we navigate grief, self-discovery, and the rebirth of identity post-treatment, we underline the courage it takes to rebuild a life that’s been touched by trauma. From setting personal boundaries to finding joy in rediscovering one's essence, we underscore the power of creating a harmonious balance within oneself, affirming that the path to recovery is as much about emotional resilience as it is about physical health. Join us for an intimate discussion that transcends the physical scars of cancer, diving into the emotional and spiritual journey toward healing. 

Sexuality, Intimacy, and Identity Post-Cancer w/ Kristen D’Amato, Founder & CEO, Come to Life

Want to unlock the potential of your body's natural defenses? Join Julie and Oscar as they discuss the role of vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed to fortify those undertaking the cancer journey. Together, they tackle the elephant in the room – why the food on our plates no longer provides the nutrients we need due to mass industrialization, and how specific supplementation can bridge that gap. Discover the importance of quality and timing in supplement intake, and how strategic choices can maximize their benefits while ensuring they work hand-in-glove with conventional cancer therapies. With Oscar's expertise, this episode arms you not just with knowledge but with actionable strategies, providing a comprehensive toolkit to support your health on every step of the cancer treatment path.

The Skinny on Supplements - MOJO Health's Foundational Protocol w/ Julie and Oscar

Ever wondered why some people swear by chiropractic care, while others dismiss it as "quack science"? In this episode, Julie is joined by Dr. Wade Port, and they delve into the realm of holistic healing and explore how chiropractic care can revolutionize our approach to health challenges, particularly in the context of cancer. Our special guest, Dr. Wade Port, is a distinguished chiropractor known as the "doctor of MOJO," who guides us through the intricacies of chiropractic philosophy and its profound impact on overall well-being. Buckle up, and join us on this journey to demystify chiropractic care!

Demystifying Chiropractic Care w/ Dr. Wade Port, Chiropractor, Lifeworks Chiropractic

In this episode, Julie ( explores the crucial topic of selecting the right doctor when facing a cancer diagnosis. Joined by her nurse practitioner, Meredith Kirk, the episode delves into the industrial psychology perspective of choosing healthcare professionals and the importance of the entire healthcare team. Julie and Meredith discuss the changing landscape of oncology, the need for personalized care, and share personal experiences to guide listeners through the process of finding the ideal healthcare team.

How to Select A Doc w/ Meredith Kirk,Nurse Practitioner

If you were ever wondering how to support a friend in need, this episode is for you. Amid realizing chemotherapy wasn’t working, relationship challenges, and family turmoil, Julie faced her darkest moments coming to terms with death. Channeling her fear and uncertainty, she started writing poetry and music to try to express the depths of her emotion. In a courageous moment, she shared one of her poems with friends to try to explain the future dream she was grieving. Despite not sharing a particularly close bond at the time, Katy was moved by an intuitive urge to visit. Rather than delicately navigating the situation, she embraced it with unwavering authenticity and genuine care. The episode captures the transformative power of genuine connections, creative expression, and resilience in finding joy amid life's darkest moments. 

Facing Death Together w/ Katy Mathes, Chief Design Officer, MOJO Health

This episode focuses on a seldom-talked-about but crucial aspect of health - ensuring your financial well-being after a medical diagnosis. While doctors play a significant role in reducing the physical burdens of cancer, the episode delves into how a cancer diagnosis can have far-reaching implications on financial stability, like maintaining housing and providing for one's family. Julie introduces her expert guests: Lauren, who emphasizes holistic approaches, Cole, an Employee Benefits Consultant, and Ashley, a Senior Sales Rep with One America Employee Benefits. 

Ensuring Your Financial Wellness

After a Cancer Diagnosis

Deepa Dharamrup’s ( journey into Reflexology began as an attempt to connect with her father, an army surgeon, while he was in the ICU. This event sparked her interest in Reflexology, prompting her to study and get certified in 2018/2019. Inspired by a friend's battle with breast cancer, she furthered her skills by learning Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage to help clients with edema. Exploring related energy work, she delved into Pranic healing, focusing on Crystal healing and Pranic Energetic Defense healing. Initially starting with Yoga for relaxation exercises, she eventually became a certified 500 hr. Yoga Teacher.

Healing from Within: A Reflexologist's Guide to Wellness w/ Deepa Dharamrup

Did you know you can avoid many side effects of chemo by preparing your body? In Episode 5, Lisa Ferrand ( the owner of Warrior Caps, a boutique company helping patients undergoing chemotherapy to save their hair, shares how she took her experience as a cancer patient and is changing the world as a result.

Fighting Cancer, Keeping Hair: The Cold Cap Experience w/ Lisa Ferrand

Julie Stevens and Oscar Sierra share the six core toolboxes for holistic healing in the context of cancer treatment. Their goal is to bring together the best of conventional and traditional healing to increase your chances of overall survival and make cancer suck less. They emphasize the importance of building a comprehensive strategy that includes lifestyle changes, dietary modifications, therapeutic interventions, botanicals, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. It is important for each patient to build their unique strategy using the latest diagnostic data available and maximizing all six healing modalities after diagnosis, and not wait until after conventional treatment has failed. 

Building Your Holistic Cancer Strategy

Julie Stevens & Oscar Sierra

Julie Stevens ( and Oscar Sierra share the inspiring story of Julie's journey from a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis to becoming cancer-free. Facing chemo resistance and a dire prognosis, Julie took a unique and data-driven approach to her treatment, working closely with Oscar, an herbalist. Tune in to learn more about how Julie prepared her body for immunotherapy and transformed her life. In this episode, Julie and Oscar discuss: 1. Navigating Life with Late-Stage Colon Cancer 2. Choosing Personalized Cancer Treatment 3. Believing in Data: Battling Chemo Resistance 4. Understanding Chemo Resistance 5. Empowering Self-Advocacy in Cancer 6. From Diagnosis to Healing in 9 Months

Triumphing Over Late-Stage Colon Cancer

Julie Stevens & Oscar Sierra

If you have a topic you would like for us to shine the light on or if you would like to be a guest on our podcast, please email

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