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Be a Data G

Gather the health of your cancer.

Leading Indicators

Leading Indicators 
measure the score of what is happening with your cancer

You don't always want to read the last page of the book first... but whether your cancer treatment is working shouldn't exactly be a mystery.

It is actually why MOJO founder, Julie Stevens, went rogue to begin with - because she knew there was a way to measure treatment effectiveness along the journey.  

She used blood tests as "leading indicator data" to predict the chemotherapy she was prescribed wasn't working.
She did this by measuring the protein CA19-9  and seeing it increase after the first and second chemotherapy sessions. 

By using CA19-9 as a leading indicator, they knew to dig a little deeper and gather additional data to prove or disprove if chemotherapy was working.  Without tracking this data, she would have had a full 6 months of chemo for fun

Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Not all cancers have a leading indicator known today, but for a list of all available leading indicators for your cancer, check these two links out.
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How do we know this works?  

Because MOJO Health Exists.  

What are blood biomarkers?

Basically biomarkers are the "team stats" for your cancer.

Per the National Institute for Cancer, Biomarker testing is a way to look for genes, proteins, and other substances (called biomarkers or tumor markers) that can provide information about cancer.

Why Measure Biomarkers? 

Each person’s cancer has a unique pattern of biomarkers.

Some biomarkers affect how certain canc
er treatments work. Biomarker testing may help you and your doctor choose a cancer treatment for you.

There are also other kinds of biomarkers that can help doctors monitor cancer levels during and after treatment. Or to spot a recurrence long before a tumor shows up on a PET scan.  To learn more, visit the Tumor Markers fact sheet.

Sadly, this isn't for all cancers - yet. But that is why MOJO Health Exists - to inform and empower you as soon as we find one!  

In what other ways are you a Data G?  We want to hear what's worked for you in your journey!  MOJO Health is built by patients, for patients and your voice is valuable.

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