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Black Seed Oil, 16oz

Black Seed Oil, 16oz

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This organic black seed oil helps support many health and beauty benefits. Thymoquinone, naturally found in Black Seed Oil, supports the body’s antioxidant process, and helps support a healthy immune system while trace amounts of naturally occurring amino acids and fatty acids may support digestion.
This single-ingredient dietary supplement is a holistic addition to any immune support ritual. 
• A truly nutrient-rich profile.
• Free of pesticides, solvent, and  gluten.
• Insider tip: can be added to raw honey or tea to help support hydrated hair and skin.
Central to traditional healing systems,  Nigella sativa is known as “the seed of blessing” in ancient and modern texts. Fragrant Black Seed oil has been used for centuries for its many nutritive properties.
 100% organic black cumin seed oil is cold-pressed
 Sustainably grown, harvested and pressed according to kosher, halal and organic standards
 Powerful antioxidant oil contains thymoquinone and nigellone
 Provides nutritive support to benefit a healthy immune system
 200+ studies suggest versatile benefits for health
 Unique essential fatty acids help balance the body
 Phyto-nourishing properties help soothe and cleanse digestive tract
 No Artificial Ingredients/Colors/Preservatives
 Alcohol Free
 No Animal Testing
 Bio Sustainably Farmed
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A portion of every dollar will be donated to our non-profit, MOJO Health Information. 

We are committed to building a  brighter future for people with cancer!

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