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Be a Data G

Gather the health of your cancer.

Lagging Indicators


Lagging Indicators

Most doctors use lagging indicator tests such as a PET or CT Scan to measure what happened by seeing if the tumor size is smaller.


But Are They The Best Measure?  

Scans such as PET and CT Scans use radiation, which is toxic and actually causes cancer.  For more info on that, go to our page on how to prepare for a PET or CT Scan 

In addition, they are subjective measures - meaning they can be influenced by the calibration of the machine, the doctor reviewing the scan, and the cancer cells being fast reacting. 


No Single Measure is Good Enough.... That's why you have to be a Data G! 

The MOJO Goal is not to get one measure to understand the score of the cancer - but to get several different data points that when used in combination, tell the full story.  We think Lagging Indicator data is important - but can be more valuable when used in concert with other types of data.  

In what other ways are you a Data G?  We want to hear what's worked for you in your journey!  MOJO Health is built by patients, for patients and your voice is valuable.

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