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MOJO Health Revolutionizes Cancer Care with New Accessible Strategy Builder

Discover the ability to craft personalized plans with MOJO Health’s new Strategy Builder, tailoring holistic approaches to individual needs


(January 25, 2024) — Atlanta, GA — As part of its mission to make holistic healthcare accessible to all and evolve the cancer healing process to include the best of both conventional and traditional healing methodologies, MOJO Health is proud to announce the launch of its revolutionary holistic care Strategy Builder – a new-in-kind tool developed by Stage 4 Cancer Survivor Julie Stevens that empowers individuals facing cancer and side effects beyond cancer to create a personalized holistic strategy plan, in addition to their conventional treatment approach prescribed by licensed medical professionals. The platform is the companion piece to Stevens’ first book, MOJO Healing.


Crafted to tailor holistic approaches to individual needs and goals, the Strategy Builder provides users with the ability to create personalized plans that can help them minimize side effects, find ways to prepare their body for treatment and/or repair damage from past treatments and explore high-quality supplements to increase overall health. By creating personalized plans that combine supplements, dietary and lifestyle guidance, and facilitated healer recommendations, MOJO Health’s new Strategy Builder makes The Journal of Clinical Oncology’s recommendation of using a secondary healing approach accessible to all. 

MOJO Health Strategy Builder


“My goal was for the single mother who works two jobs or the person who lives in a rural community to have access to the same tools I used to save my life,” says Stevens. “It took me 9 months to heal from Stage 4 aggressive, inoperable, chemo-resistant colon cancer, and it has taken me an additional nine months since I was declared No Evidence of Disease (NED) to build this resource. I worked alongside the person responsible for saving my life, Oscar Sierra, MOJO Health’s Chief Health Officer, to bring together this incredible valuable resource for all to benefit for free. It will now take someone minutes vs the many months it took me to know what they can do to build a more holistic approach to healing.”  


MOJO Health’s Strategy Builder is now available for free on their website.


“Many people believe the choice is conventional or holistic - but the best healing methodologies use six toolboxes (Pharmaceuticals, Botanicals, Nutraceuticals, Diet/Lifestyle, Environment, and Facilitated Healers) to help them not only treat the cancer, but heal the root causes of disease,” says Stevens. “Welcome to the future of healing.”



About MOJO Health and Julie Stevens

MOJO Health is the revolutionary organization working to educate and empower patients to provide holistic healthcare access to all and change the cancer healing process to not only treat cancer cells, but to heal the root causes of disease. Inspired by Founder and Chief Joy Officer Julie Stevens’ experience pivoting from a devastating Stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis to NED in just nine months, MOJO Health aims to extend every single newly diagnosed cancer patient with the same empowering advantages that propelled Julie’s success to health. 


In collaboration with Oscar Sierra (an esteemed cancer specialist, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Registered Herbalist) and a robust 10-person healthcare team, Julie built MOJO Health to equip every patient with the tools, insights, and support they need for a resilient and successful path to life-long wellness. While the typical journey focuses only on treating cancer using one toolbox, (pharmaceuticals), MOJO Health adds five strategic toolboxes to the mix in addition to pharmaceuticals – diet, lifestyle, botanicals, facilitated healing, and nutraceuticals – for a comprehensive approach to truly healing the individual and fostering overall well-being. It’s a race against time to achieve NED, which is why MOJO Health’s approach emphasizes the importance of using data to prepare patients’ bodies for treatment right after diagnosis and ensures everyone has access to their life-saving approaches.







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