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Cold Capping: You Heal Better When You Can See Yourself

Cancer is a battle, and the warriors who face it deserve not only a path to healing, but also the preservation of their dignity and self-esteem. Enter cold capping, an approach that allows cancer patients to retain much of their hair during chemotherapy. In this blog post, we delve into the science behind cold capping and hear personal views from the founder of Warrior Caps, a company dedicated to empowering individuals throughout their cancer journey.

The Science Behind Cold Capping:

Cold capping, also known as scalp cooling, is a technique that greatly reduces the amount of hair loss during chemotherapy. It involves wearing a specialized cap, with cooled temperatures as low as 36 degrees Fahrenheit, before, during, and after chemotherapy sessions. These cold temperatures constrict blood vessels in the scalp, which reduces the amount of chemotherapy drugs that are able to reach the hair follicles. This process can help minimize hair loss and maintain a sense of normalcy for cancer patients.

You Heal Better When You Can See Yourself:

Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy are already struggling with the terms of their new reality. As it aligns with the motto of MOJO Health, cold capping can allow patients to have MOre JOy in their journey to healing, not to mention, it is a great example of inlcuding an aspect of the Facilitated Healing MOJO Toolbox. Let’s face it, without adequate preparation, someone who is going through chemotherapy is likely to show visible effects, thus lowering self-confidence. If there was a way to preserve your outward appearance during chemo, wouldn’t you want to try it? Cold capping allows patients to retain the image they are accustomed to, so that the focus of energy can be put towards healing the body, rather than making up for lost confidence.

Personal Views from Warrior Caps:

Warrior Caps is a company on a mission to provide hope, empowerment, and dignity to those undergoing cancer treatment. Looking back on her experience with cold capping, Lisa Ferrand, the founder of Warrior Caps says,

"I got to see me in the mirror. I looked in the mirror and saw me...I didn't see someone else."

Warrior Caps recognizes that cancer treatment is not just a physical battle but a deeply emotional and psychological one as well. The dedication they have to offering a solution that addresses these aspects of cancer treatment is truly inspiring. When featured on the MOJO Rising Podcast, Ferrand said,

“You heal better when you can see yourself.”

When a patient who is going through chemotherapy can look in the mirror and recognize the person they see, they can catch a glimpse of normalcy. That can be all it takes for someone to keep pushing and continue treatment.

The views shared by Warrior Caps remind us that preserving one's appearance and self-esteem during cancer treatment is not a superficial concern but a vital aspect of healing and well-being. It's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of choice in the face of adversity.

Empowering Through Preservation

Cold capping is more than a scientific technique; it's a symbol of empowerment and a lifeline for patients facing cancer. It allows individuals to maintain a sense of normalcy and control during a time when they might feel helpless. The dedication and compassion of companies like Warrior Caps reminds us that there are allies in the fight against cancer who understand the importance of preserving dignity, confidence, and hope. Every aspect of care matters, and upholding one's self-esteem can be as healing as any medicine.

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