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MOJO Health Ambassadors Network

Our goal is to curate the healthcare version of a mycelial network by creating symbiotic relationships across all healing modalities to share knowledge and resources to better the health of the world.  

MOJO Health seeks to curate a network of conventional and traditional healers committed to whole person care.  

Do you:

  • Treat healing partners with respect and empathy 

  • Respect both conventional and traditional healing methodologies and are open to working with a team of healers

  • Encourage gathering data to guide a healing journey 

  • Support building a strategy that includes fueling the immune system and looking at the root causes of disease

  • Help people to find their flow and maximize joy 

  • Create an environment that promotes healing and wellness (not excessive waiting, difficulty communicating with team, etc.) 

  • Dig a little deeper to understand the root cause and alternative solutions facing a patient? 

If you answered yes to these statements, what we call our MOJO Manifesto, we would love to invite you to be part of our MOJO Health Ambassador network.  Please enter your information below and we will reach out with more information and to welcome you to our Ambassador Network.  

We look forward to working with you!

What You Receive as an Ambassador: 


  • Listed on the MOJO Health Ambassador Webpage. (coming soon)

  • Targeted feedback from patients to help other patients find best in class care team members (feedback will be requested on the MOJO Manifesto listed above). (coming soon) 

  • Access to roundtable calls with Oscar Sierra, our Chief Health Officer, and various other facilitated healers to discuss difficult patients and alternative healing options.  

  • Marketing tools provided from MOJO Health.

  • Permission to share our posts and research. 

  • Access to our Ambassador Social Media Groups to ask questions and discuss research around the clock.

  • Early Access to MOJO Tools and Solutions - (e.g. validating how personality can impact outcomes.

In return, 

  • You will share MOJO with your team, patients, communities and on your website.


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