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Tru Fiber

Tru Fiber

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TruFiber® is a soluble fiber with Bifidogenic enzymes uniquely formulated to stimulate probiotics. There is no grit, no taste and it dissolves clear. One scoop is 3.6 grams, two scoops is 14% of your daily fiber. The most common response to taking TruFiber® is improved regularity with more uniform stool consistency and intestinal comfort as well as improvements in nutrient absorption result in enhanced energy and a greater feeling of wellness. TruFiber® can assist the following conditions:
• Constipation and poor elimination
• Diarrhea and loose stools
• Poor absorption of calcium and magnesium
• Low Bifidobacteria counts in colon
• Low Lactobacillus CFU counts in small intestine
• High cholesterol and triglycerides
• 50 servings per bottle
TruFiber contains no: milk, eggs, gluten, wheat, soy, casein, nuts, seafood, or beef products.
Safe for infants over 6 months.
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A portion of every dollar will be donated to our non-profit, MOJO Health Information. 

We are committed to building a  brighter future for people with cancer!

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