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Insomnia is a common problem for which people seek natural therapies due to the limitations of drug treatments (e.g., drugs are allowed only for short term use and may cause significant drowsiness). This is a formula for those who wish to make use of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep cycle. Melatonin production declines with aging and may be responsible for much of the sleep disturbance that typically appears after about age 40, especially menopausal insomnia. Dosage recommendations for use of melatonin to promote good sleep have ranged from 0.3 mg to 3 mg ( this formula will provide the maximum recommended level of 3 mg when taking 3 tablets). According to Chinese theories, deficiency of yin essence of the heart is the underlying syndrome related to sleep disturbance that appears with aging. This formula provides four herbs that nourish the heart to calm the spirit and aid sleep. Lily is a yin tonic used to ease mental activity; zizyphus and polugala are heart nourishing sedatives and schizandra is an astringent that also calms the mind. Together these herbs may improve the quality and duration of sleep that is otherwise disturbed, but they are not expected to cause drowsiness or undue sleep prolongation; they can also help those who suffer from night sweating. Melatonin is said to aid adjustment to a new time zone, alleviating jet lag. For those who wish to avoid using melatonin, consider using Nardova( White Tiger) instead. One can combine Melazandra with Nardova; Zizyphus 18 (Seven Forests) can serve as an adjunct to these White Tiger formulas.*


Two tablets provide: Herbs: Zizyphus (suanzaoren): 1,000 mg Lily(baihe): 400 mg Schizandra (wuweizi) : 400 mg Polygala (yuanzhi): 200 mg Hormone: Melatonin: 2 mg

  • Dosage

    2-3 tablets before bed. Not intended for use at other times of day. Some individuals may find 1 tablets and adequate dose.

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