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Flew Away® offers potent and effective support during the changing seasons by supporting immune function, while working to maintain a healthy microbial environment in the body and simultaneously relieving discomfort. The body naturally defends itself against environmental challenges through diaphoresis (sweating), which helps the body deactivate and remove microorganisms, as well as maintain homeostasis. Flew Away® contains high quality, concentrated herbal extracts that promote diaphoresis.*

  • supports healthy immune function*
  • promotes diaphoresis*
  • maintains a healthy microbial environment*
  • relieves discomfort associated with seasonal challenges*

Propolis Gum
Propolis, a traditionally-used natural healing agent that bees make from plant resins, protects the body from environmental challenges by promoting a healthy immune system response. Plant resins are treasured in herbal traditions for their unique properties. Propolis was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans, among others, for its protective and preventive attributes that support the body’s natural defenses and modulate healthy inflammatory response function.*
Elderberry is a potent herb that alleviates discomfort during the changing seasons. Used for centuries to support a healthy immune system response, it encourages a balanced microbial environment in the body. Elder flower is traditionally used by European and American herbalists to promote sweating, a natural mechanism of the body to regulate temperature.*
Forsythia and Honeysuckle
These two herbs are used together in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support the immune response system. Both belong to the “Clear Heat” category of herbs, which modulate healthy inflammatory system response especially when challenged by the environment.*
Yarrow and Boneset
Traditional herbalists in many cultures have used these herbs to encourage the body’s natural healing ability. Yarrow works synergistically with Boneset, Elderberry and Peppermint to support the body’s healthy immune system defense mechanisms. Boneset powerfully promotes a healthy sweat response to help the body effectively regulate temperature and maintain homeostasis.*
Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal traditions use Ginger to optimize the activity of herbal formulas by promoting circulation. Ginger, which is warming in quality, supports a healthy and balanced immune system response during changing seasons.*
Peppermint and Eucalyptus
The essential oils (EO) of Peppermint and Eucalyptus contain volatile aromatic compounds that support healthy inflammatory system response. The EO of Peppermint helps promote sweating. Eucalyptus EO facilitates the natural opening of airways to promote healthy breathing and has historically been used to support a healthy microbial environment.*

A portion of every dollar will be donated to our non-profit, MOJO Health Information. 

We are committed to building a  brighter future for people with cancer!

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