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Dual Mag Complex

Dual Mag Complex

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Dual-Mag Complex® offers two unique forms of magnesium, buffered bisglycinate and lysinate glycinate chelates, that are broadspectrum in activity, well-tolerated, and highly bioavailable. This provides an efficacious, synergistic blend with numerous benefits. The magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate is featured due to its enhanced ability to optimize recovery time from exercise or stress and its targeted support for the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems.*

  •     promotes cardiovascular, neurological, and immune health*
  •     encourages healthy inflammatory response*
  •     supports metabolic health*
  •     promotes a healthy musculoskeletal system*
  •     supports cellular energy production*
  •     enhances relaxation, restful sleep, and positive mood*

Magnesium is essential for physiological function and optimal health. As a cofactor for enzymes, magnesium is involved in over 300 metabolic, cellular, and neurological processes. At the cellular level, magnesium is utilized for ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and the synthesis of protein, RNA, and DNA. It is required for healthy function of the nerves and muscles, and its cardiovascular influence is diverse. Magnesium plays a key role in modulating healthy inflammatory processes and has also been shown to promote metabolic health. It encourages neurological health and is of special interest to longevity researchers due to its antioxidant activity. Magnesium is well-known to enhance relaxation and encourage restorative sleep.*
Mineral Chelates
Mineral chelates are well-tolerated in the gut, resilient to stomach acids, and are very well absorbed in the intestines, increasing the amount of magnesium taken up into the bloodstream. Unlike mineral salts that must be digested by stomach acid, mineral chelates are primarily absorbed in the intestines and therefore avoid competing with other minerals for absorption.*
Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate & Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate Buffered
These state-of-the-art chelated minerals both feature magnesium bound with the amino acid glycine. The ability of glycine to decrease small intestine pH improves the solubility enhancing absorption. Glycine also takes up binding sites on the magnesium molecule, mitigating the laxative effect typically associated with magnesium supplementation. Magnesium lysinate glycinate chelate features enhanced support for recovery after intense exercise or prolonged stress and brings additional cardiovascular, nervous system, and immune system benefits. Lysine is the precursor for carnitine, a building block for protein, and is found to promote heart and bone health, as well as healthy mood. It is also found to be part of the cellular energy production process with both glycine and lysine working together with magnesium to promote metabolic health.*
Albion’s magnesium bisglycinate buffered chelate

Is comprised of 15% magnesium oxide, the gold-standard elemental form of magnesium. By itself, magnesium oxide is not always well-tolerated. But when the load is limited, it is kept soluble, and when buffered, the side effects are eliminated.*


A portion of every dollar will be donated to our non-profit, MOJO Health Information. 

We are committed to building a  brighter future for people with cancer!

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