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Medicines from the Earth


Want to help make high quality supplements accessible for all your patients?

As you know, supplement quality matters. MOJO offers only the highest quality supplements in order to help patients thrive - and our goal is to make them accessible to all patients through provider discounts and our Registry.  Sign up here to get your provider discount code and start passing savings along to your patients while earning ????? and tell your patients about our Registry.

The MOJO Health Registry is designed to help people let their support network know what they can do to really help improve health outcomes. Instead of being given flowers, casseroles, and other well meaning but non-functional gifts, friends and loved ones can actively support their healing journey.

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EMF Shielding Tranquility

EMF blocking technology, paired with high quality fabric and a contemporary design, all at an affordable price point for your patients.


Do you have patients who are newly diagnosed and wondering...what now? 
Click here for a message from our Founder.

Join Our Ambassador Program

Our goal is to curate the healthcare version of a mycelial network by creating symbiotic relationships across all healing modalities to share knowledge and resources to better the health of the world.


MOJO Rising....
How to Make Cancer Suck Less Podcast

MOJO Rising: How to Make Cancer Suck Less is our  podcast designed to help educate and empower patients and caregivers to have MOre JOy on their journey.

Discover the keys to a robust health journey with Dr. Russell Jaffe, a pioneer in integrative medicine, who joins us to share his expertise on harmonizing traditional and modern healing practices. This episode is packed with life-altering wisdom, from the ELISA/ACT LRA test that has revolutionized our understanding of the immune system, to Dr. Jaffe's personal health battles that illuminate the power of a holistic lifestyle. His insights on the critical role of essential nutrients, restful sleep, and a tranquil environment will inspire you to reassess and optimize your approach to wellness.

Episode 25

 Inflammation w/ Dr. Russell Jaffe, CEO and Chairman, PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC

When Peter Brothed, a beacon of knowledge in the world of nutrition and herbalism, crosses your path, you know you're in for an extraordinary conversation. His tale of resilience as a cancer survivor and the wisdom he's distilled from his roles as a health food store owner, certified nutritionist and herbalist, are nothing short of inspiring. In our latest podcast episode, we unpack the symbiotic relationship between cancer and natural remedies, and Peter's invaluable insights underscore just how powerful the right food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments can be for those navigating the complexities of this illness.

Harnessing Nature's Pharmacy in the Fight Against Cancer, w/ Peter Brodhead


Meet Team MOJO

Our Board of Directors includes experts from many fields who have come together to make a difference.


Check out our Book, MOJO Healing

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The MOJO Way,
the pillars
of our mission.

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