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Armor Up


How to Prepare for a PET Scan

Did you know these supplements can help protect your. body from the toxicity of a scan?

If you’re planning on doing a CT or PET scan, pick a least 3 of the 7 following supplements & take them 2 days before your scan, day of the scan, & the following 2 days after the scan.  

This allows you to armor up so the scan won't cause cellular damage.  

  • Vitamin C

  • CoQ10

  • VItamin E 

  • NAC

  • Green Tea

  • Red Tea

  • ALA—Alpha Lipoic Acid. 

Pro Tip: ask the imaging tech who works the machine to “calibrate” the machine to make sure it’s putting out enough radiation to get a decent image for your size/weight. 

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