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MOJO Health is Hiring! 

Health Coaches will help make cancer suck as little as possible by enabling patients to: 

1. Understand their Role as a Patient

2. Understand the Root Causes of Cancer 

3. Build a holistic health strategy across 6 toolboxes and recommend supplements, diet/nutrition, etc. to heal the host and reduce the risk of conventional treatment.  

There will be a three step selection process for MOJO Health Coaches: 

  1. Virtual Interview Options are July 13th , July 20th and July 22nd.  Please sign up for your virtual interview here:

  2. Technical Interview will be held Sunday July 23rd both Virtual and onsite at Sierra Botanica & Collaborative 6667 Vernon Woods Dr., Suite A-30, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

  3. Health Coach Holistic Healing Toolbox Training and MOJO Patient approach will be held August 5th and 6th at Sierra Botanica & Collaborative 

Minimum Qualification to Apply: 

  • Herbalist Training (RH Designation not required).  We will provide development on the remaining toolboxes.  

  • Resume: please send your resume to at least 24 hours before your interview.

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