Intelligent Health, East and West

It takes an education and dietary discipline to maintain health and or cure disease. You will never cure a chronic disease with nutritional supplements, herbals formulas, drugs. surgery, etc., but will cure or significantly improve your health if you read and follow my advice (see below those who did)..

The only person who can cure you is you. Doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, for the most part prolong your illness, as long as you can afford to pay. Your only chance is your own brains and discipline.

 I (60 years old) can help you with the brain part as my book can teach you:
1. human biology: anatomy structure), physiology (function), nutrition, diet, etc. using two simple words, hot and cold. 

2.  the hot (yang, building) and cold (yin, cleansing) nature of fruit, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, chicken, red meat, cooked, raw foods, herbs, etc. in relation to the hot and cold nature of the body.

3. the five major organ systems that control all structure, function (Chinese medicine)

4. the seven chakras (Ayurveda)

5. how to cook

6. how to meditate

what I cannot do for you is shop. You will need a supermarket.

For those who want the education of a lifetime, buy, read Hot and Cold the Way of Health, Disease, Happiness and Sadness, and follow my suggestions, just as these people did and were able to cure the following diseases:

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
2. Gastro Intestinal Reflux Disorder (GIRD)
3. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
4. Miscarriage
5. Acne
6. Eczema
7. Psoriasis
8. Constipation
9. Tooth abcess, root infection
10. Neuralgia
11. Restless Leg Syndrome
12. Plantar Fasciitis
13. Sore lower back
14. Common cold
!5. Runny nose
16. and more (could be you, your former disease)

1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) One of my customers (I owned, operated a health food store) was suffering from IBS. Her daily symptoms were abdominal bloating, gas, pain, headaches, loose stools, constipation, colitis (inflammation) and swelling in her arms and legs (swollen twice their size). I diagnosed her condition as a cold, damp spleen. Her long-term diet was cold, damp, low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate (salads, tropical fruits, juices), which had weakened, dampened her digestion, elimination, etc. producing the aforementioned symptoms. I recommended the hotter middle diet, meal plan, including spices as well as reduction in cold foods and drinks. Week by week her condition got better, hotter, stronger. Nine months later, most of her symptoms had disappeared, including the swelling in her arms and legs. She was very happy. A year later, her symptoms started to reappear. She was worried about her health and had gone to see a nutritionist who had recommended golden seal (bitter herb, 9 capsules a day). All bitter herbs are energetically cold. Her original diagnosis, cause was coldness, which she re-aggravated once she started taking golden seal. I refused to sell her any golden seal.  

2. Miscarriage A customer of mine had suffered several miscarriages. She was eating a macrobiotic diet (low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate). I diagnosed her condition as blood, protein and fat deficiency. Her diet was anemic, too little building. She did not have enough blood in her womb to hold her baby. I recommended red meat (best blood builder) and chicken 3- 4 times a week or more in addition to cooked vegetables, grains, Evening Primrose Oil (sexual organs) and Siberian ginseng (strengthens digestion). I also told her to wait four months (to rebuild her blood) before trying to conceive. She now has two healthy boys.  

3. Indigestion, Gird (gastro-intestinal reflux disorder) A female customer of mine was having digestive problems. Every time she ate, she would experience abdominal bloating, gas, burping, pain and heartburn. Her diet was anemic, low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate (salad, fruit and grains). I suggested the hotter middle diet (more protein, fat, cooked foods) in addition to fennel seeds (one-quarter teaspoon after each meal). Three weeks later, she came back and hugged me. Her digestive problems and hot flashes had disappeared. I told her (43 years old) that her hot flashes were caused not by menopause but instead by indigestion and stagnation of energy, food in the intestines. Her doctor had diagnosed her as menopausal; which I thought was a little premature  

4. Eczema In 1989, I developed a bad, hideous case of eczema. It first started as a pimple, blister on my left hand, index finger. Over the course of two months it spread so that my entire left hand (back and fingers) and lower part of the arm were completely infected (cracked skin, bleeding, pus.). My other hand (couple of fingers) was also affected although not quite as bad. This happened while I was going to acupuncture school. It was gross. I tried every Chinese herbal remedy. Nothing worked. My skin kept getting worse and worse. Eventually, I turned to Ayurvedic medicine via Ayurvedic Healing, and Yoga of Herbs by Dr. David Frawley, O.M.D., which recommended the use of spices. 

My diet at the time was bland, sweet, and cold. I increased protein, fat, cooked foods and spices (fennel, cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, etc.) while reducing juices, fruits, etc. I used a lot spice (five to seven at a time, per meal). Within three weeks, my eczema, in addition to abdominal bloating and gas cleared up. I did have eczema as a teenager, although not as serious.  

5. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). One of my customers came to see me about her eleven-year-old daughter (very thin) who had been diagnosed with ADD. Her school wanted to put her daughter on Ritalin in addition to the drugs that she was already taking: four months of Adderall and Dexedrine. She did not know what to do. I told her to bring her daughter in and let me question her. I had never counseled a child before but I did not think it would be any different from an adult.   She brought her daughter in. I sat and questioned her for an hour. There was nothing wrong with her except for poor diet and lack of attention, at home and in the school, overcrowded classrooms. I told her mother to start feeding her more protein, building foods (red meat, eggs, chicken, etc.) especially for breakfast. She was already eating grains and vegetables. I also advised fish liver oil in addition to greater personal attention. Six months later, her mother wrote me to thank me telling me how well her daughter was doing. On her recent report card, she had gotten all A’s and one B (math) without the use of Ritalin or any other drug.  

6. Anal Fissure A friend had developed an anal fissure (tear in the intestines). He went to his doctor who told him that there was no cure. The best that he could do was operate, sew it back together; however the operation, procedure might make him temporarily incontinent (urine and bowels) and or impotent. I told him to skip the operation and change, soften his diet (more cooked vegetables, watery grains, fruits, etc.) which he did. His fissure healed. His original diet was high protein, fat, starch and low vegetables, fruit.  

7. Post Nasal Drip: One of my customers had postnasal drip. Her diet was too cold (salads, fruits, cold drinks, etc.) causing excess condensation, water to occur, accumulate and leak out her nose. I advised her to increase cooked foods, spices, etc. while reducing cold, damp foods. Her postnasal drip disappeared within days.  

8. Anemia, Blood Deficiency
: Several of my female customers, employees were suffering from blood deficiency, anemia (pale skin, diminished periods, thin hair and nails). All were vegetarians (low protein, low fat, and high carbohydrate). It took me more than a year to convince them that their diets were anemic that they desperately needed to eat red meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, etc. Once they started eating animal foods, they immediately felt better

9. Sinusitis: One of my employees was suffering from sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses). Her diet (vegetarian) was cold, damp which had weakened, cooled her spleen, digestion producing dampness (mucous, phlegm) in her lungs, throat, sinuses, etc. Excess fluids, mucous tend to obstruct the flow of air and fluids within the lungs, nose, sinuses, causing dryness and inflammation. I recommended the hotter middle diet, including spices. Spices (hot, drying) dry dampness, mucous, phlegm, while also stimulating, increasing blood flow. Blood is moistening. Inflammation (fire) is caused, nourished by dryness.  

10. Impotence
Over the years, many men have come to see me about their sexual difficulties (inability to achieve or maintain an erection). Almost every one of them was a long-term (20- 30 years) coffee drinker (2-3+ cups per day). I advised them to give up coffee caffeine (drains the kidneys, jing). The few that gave up coffee saw their erections return. I also suffered from impotence. My condition however was caused by anemic diet, long-term vegetarian (15 years), not coffee. My erections came back once I started eating more protein and fat (chicken, turkey, etc.), cooked vegetables and less raw, sweet, sugary foods. 

11. Cold I was visiting a good friend and his wife in Fort Meyers, Fl. where his parents (great people) lived. They had flown in from Seattle where they live. When I got there, he was coughing up a storm, non-stop. He said it was his allergies. I told him it was a cold (he also had a runny nose, stiff shoulders, etc.), and that he needed to eat more hot foods at which time he held up his beer. Alcohol is hot and dry, which made his cough, drier, worse. I went into his mother’s kitchen and made him a spicy hot vegetable soup. I threw in every hot spice that I could find. I made his soup dragon hot. He gobbled the soup down (two bowls) and within twenty minutes, his cough and runny nose had stopped. Before the soup, he had been coughing every ten minutes. Colds in general are very easy to cure if you can treat, heat them in the beginning, onset days one and two.  

12. Anxiety One of my customers (60 years old, vegetarian) was having frequent anxiety attacks. When I counseled her, she was screaming and yelling from one anxiety attack to another. I had to teach her how to breathe abdominally in order to control her outbursts. I initially thought her condition was caused by excess heat. She had a plethora of heat symptoms and did not seem deficient in any way until I discovered she also had uncontrollable urination, which is a kidney yang, deficiency symptom (outweigh all other symptoms). Her vegetarian diet was not building, producing enough blood; therefore, she became weak, dry and hot. I recommended the hot middle diet (red meat, eggs, cooked vegetables, spices, etc.) which was problem because she was a vegetarian. She would not eat red meat. I finally convinced her by asking her what she would do if it were a matter of life and death. She would not eat red meat but she would eat veal and eggs. Three days later, she called me back. I was a little nervous. I thought I might have given her the wrong diet, too hot as she was sixty years old and living in a very hot climate (FL).I picked up the phone, she asked if this was the genius. All her anxiety attacks had disappeared. She also slept better and had great bowel movements. 

13. Sore lower back I occasionally develop lower back and or upper back pain whenever I eat or drink too many cold foods, drinks: ice cream, tropical fruits, juices, beer, etc. Every time I reduce or eliminate the source of coldness, in addition to increasing spicy foods, soups, the pain goes away.  

14. Neuralgia and other diseases of the foot I met this young woman (professional ice skater); age 26 who came to my store. She could not stay; stand for too long because her feet would hurt.  She had trouble walking and had to use a wheelchair to go through airports. Her condition had started several years prior. She had seen many doctors, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists, blood work, x rays, MRI, etc. No one was able to diagnose or help. She was blood deficient (long-term low protein, low fat and high carbohydrate diet). I recommended the hotter middle diet, red meat everyday, etc. A year or so later she was able to walk, stand and skate without pain or fear.  

15. Psoriasis I counseled a young man, age 38 with severe psoriasis: dry, scaly, flaky and inflamed skin on his head, face, back, etc. He was also overweight and constantly scratching. His original diet was high protein, high fat (red meat, pork, fried foods, etc.). I advised the colder middle diet, especially raw vegetables and fruits: carrots, celery, apples, etc. In seven months, his face, head and back completely cleared up. He also lost 60#.

If you can spend $20, a month on supplements or an acupuncture appointment then what is your excuse for not spending a one-time fee of $20 or less on my book which lasts a lifetime. I have not caried health insurance for the last 37 years (do you have any idea of how much money I have saved). I (almost 60 years old) have no fear of disease and very little need for doctors. I am not lucky but instead smart and disciplined.  

Available on  Amazon and others   Hot and Cold, the Way of Health, Disease, Happiness and Sadness
based on Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic religions, medicines (Western, Chines and Ayurvedic biology, nutrition and diet) and covers the following subjects: Eastern and Western biology, Hot (yang, building) and cold (yin,. cleansing) energetics of the body (structure, function, disease), herbs, nurients, foods: vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy, eggs, chicken, turkey and red meat; Five major organ systems,  Ayurveda: vata, pitta and kapha, Dietary analysis and treament of 150+ symptoms, diseases; world's shortest cooking class, Chinese herbs and spices, Chi gung (Chinese energetic exercises and Spiritual practices.
Hot and Cold the Way of Health, Disease, Happiness and Sadness
Table of Contents

Disclaimer 2
Dedication and Special Thanks 6

Section I. Medicine and Diet

Lesson 1 Introduction 9
Lesson 2 Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine 23
Lesson 3 Energetics of Food 27
Lesson 4 Digestion, Spices and Chinese Herbs 41
Lesson 5 Cooking Class 47

Section II. Biology, East and West

Lesson 6 Three Treasures 63
Lesson 7 Blood and Body Fluids 71
Lesson 8 Spleen 81
Lesson 9 Stomach and Small Intestine 89
Lesson 10 Large Intestine and Urinary Bladder 93
Lesson 11 Liver and Gall Bladder 97
Lesson 12 Heart 103
Lesson 13 Lungs 111
Lesson 14 Kidneys 121
Lesson 15 Diagnosis and Treatment 127

Section III. Diseases A- Z

Lesson 16 A Diseases
Acne 141 AIDS, HIV 141 Aging 143 Alzheimer s 144 Anal fissure 145 Anemia 145 Anger 146 Anxiety 147 Arteries 148 Arthritis 148 Asthma 151 ADD 153 autoimmune 154

Lesson 17 B Diseases
Blood 157 Blood Pressure 159 Body Odor 160 Bones 161 Breast lumps 163 Bronchitis 164

Lesson 18 C Diseases
Cancer 167 Candidiasis 167 Cellulite 171 Cholesterol 172 Chronic Fatigue 174 Circulation 175 Cirrhosis 177 Cold hands, feet 177 Cold, Flu 179 Constipation 181 Crohn s Disease 183

Lesson 19 D Diseases
Depression 185 Detoxification 188 Diabetes 190 Diarrhea 192 Diuretics 194 Dizziness 194 Dysmenorrhea 195

Lesson 20 E-F Diseases
Ear Infections 197 Eczema 199 Edema 201 Endometriosis 202 Eyes 202 Fear 203 Fever 204 Fibrocystic breasts 204 Fibroids 205 Fibromialgia 205 Forgetfulness 207 Frigidity 208

Lesson 21 G-H Diseases

Gall Stones 209 GERD, GIRD 210 Gout 212 Hair Loss 213 Hearing Loss 214 Hepatitis 217 Herpes 219 Hot Flashes 219 Hysteria 220

Lesson 22 I- J Diseases Infertility 223 Inflammation 223 Insomnia 224 Irritable Bowel 226 Itching 228 Jaundice 228 4

Lesson 23 K-O Diseases
Kidney Stones 229 Leukemia 230 Miscarriage 230 M. Sclerosis 231 Nails 233 Nausea 234 Numbness 235 Obesity 236 Osteoporosis 238

Lesson 24 P-R Diseases

Pediatric 241 Perspiration 243 Plantar F 244 Pneumonia 247 Pregnancy 248 PMS 249 Prostate 250 Psoriasis 251 Rashes 251

Lesson 25 S-Z Diseases
Sex 255 Shaking, tremors 257 Sinusitis 258 Skin 259 Sleep Apnea 261 Snoring 262 Sweaty hands 263 Teeth, abscess 264 Tinnitus 266 Tumors 267 Urinary Infection 267 Varicose 269 Vitamins 270 Weight loss 270 Yeast inf. 273

Lesson 26
Case Histories 275

Section IV. Daily Practices

Lesson 27 The Way of Breathing 283
Lesson 28 Internal Exercises 287
Lesson 29 Meditation 299
Lesson 30 Spiritual Practices 307
Appendix 313
Bibliography 315
About the Author 317  

Any questions? Email me [email protected]

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, just like the people mentioned above who are now disease free.


5.0 out of 5 stars Stop, Don't buy or read another nutritional book before reading this BOOK, July 11, 2009 By  D.L. (Texas) - See all my reviews This review is from: Hot and Cold Health (Paperback) This is a great book. Especially if you are female, and struggle with symptoms of cellulite, being over weight, sinusitis, and chronic fatique. Most female diets consist of diet cokes, energy bars, smoothies, and salads, not to mention ice cream, and other feel good foods.(at least mine did) Sooner or later,health problems with appear, and by switching to a hotter diet, one will begin to see the effects immediately. All of those symptoms were like connecting the dots, and I am now soooooooo relieved to have finally gotten a handle on what I should be eating, and getting rid of my chronic problems. This is a must read for anyone who wants to take responsibility for their own health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D.L.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Life Changer/Saver, February 15, 2010 By  Melissa Brechisci (Boynton Beach, FL) - See all my reviews
(REAL NAME)    Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Hot and Cold Health (Paperback) To put it simply, this book literally changed the way I look at food, the way I eat it, and my perspective on true nutrition. The principles explained here should have been taught to all of us as children to promote a long healthy life. The physical changes that I have experienced as a result of practicing the lessons taught here are like nothing else that I have experienced. It is an absolute must read!